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Joined: 11th July 2013. 425 quizzes. 44730 unique plays.

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Abbreviated Charles Dickens Books
Medium, 20 questions, Apr 6th 2014, 7 plays5+ plays.
Animated shows and their characters
Medium, 30 questions, May 2nd 2014, 7 plays5+ plays.
British Prime Ministers Quiz
Medium, 30 questions, Apr 12th 2014, 10 plays5+ plays.
British Sitcoms Quiz
Easy, 20 questions, Apr 25th 2014, 3 plays1+ plays.
British Soap operas and characters quiz
Medium, 20 questions, Apr 6th 2014, 8 plays5+ plays.
Capital cities of Europe
Medium, 20 questions, Mar 12th 2014, 20 plays5+ plays.
Chocolate heaven in the UK
Medium, 20 questions, Apr 25th 2014, 10 plays5+ plays.
Christianity True or False Quiz
Easy, 10 questions, Mar 19th 2014, 23 plays5+ plays.
Dance styles quiz
Easy, 10 questions, Apr 9th 2014, 15 plays5+ plays.
Do you know your Chips from your Chips
Easy, 20 questions, Apr 23rd 2014, 5 plays5+ plays.

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